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IICE Computers Eduaction

Near Malsisar Bus Stand
City : Buhana
District : Jhunjhunu
Mobile : 9928241898
Details :

IICE Computers Eduaction in Bissau The big event in mid-March was the delivery of the computers. The order had been placed early March, but the two-day assembly and delivery promise was never made. A number of ‘reasons’ were given by the vendor, holiday for Holi, only half the computer cases are delivered, hard drives being shipped to Jodhpur by accident. All the equipment was fully delivered while I was away in Ahmedabad for the Indicorps worshop. It was interesting co-ordinating all this over the phone, and wouldn’t have been able to pull it out without the help of Lisa Gohil, the Indicorps intern working on Women’s Health. After workshop, there were still a few things to iron out before the lab could be fully operational. One was to install all the software, all of which is legal and licensed. The wiring in the GDL house had to be fixed, because the main Earthing line wasn’t connected properly. Thankfully, the room is taking the load of all 12 computers and printers, along with the lights and the fan without any issues. The GDL lab is also another testament to the necessity of the UPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supply). With the summer in full force, the light flickers and goes out, and the UPSs definitely help protect the PCs.

[Business ID : 13799 ]


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