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Mody School

City : Lakshmangarh
District : Sikar
Website : www.modyschool.ac.in  
Mobile : +918094006232
Mobile : +918094006235
Email : modyschool@modyschool.ac.in
Details :

Mody School is an exclusively girls’ English medium residential school from classes III to XII affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi. Established in 1988 by Shri R.P. Mody, the School produces individuals with a global outlook. Mody School has emerged as a premier institute for girls’ education. The school brings together students from all over the country. Almost all the states are represented within the students body, which encompasses diverse languages and cultures. Learning to live and work together in such a diverse community can be a powerful experience for young people and one that can help to promote open-mindedness and understanding. Committed to excellence, we seek to educate our students to be responsible, productive and creative citizens of the world and cultivate in them, the skills to think globally, reason critically and communicate effectively.

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