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Dayanand Bal Niketan Sr. Sec. School

City : Ajmer
District : Ajmer
Details :

The educational systems of the school is so designed as to provide ample opportunities for the child to achieve his/her potential and strive for excellence. Subjects like craft (Chemical Technology and Tailoring&Embroidery) are taught so that in future they can do their own employment. Trust members are thinking about extra cooking classes for girls so that they can also do something in future. A comfortable student teacher ratio creates a positive environment and a personalized interaction between them. We follow the continuous assessment, which relieves the students of the stress that the traditional examination system invariably causes . The school keeps an open mind by adopting educational patterns from abroad and other Indian schools. The School has a separate section with well decorated rooms & well equipped Teaching Aids for Tiny Tots, who are welcomed into the warm cocoon of elementary school life by our gentle, motherly affectionate, trained teacher, who strive to make a house away from home for the toddlers. A big and up - date Library in our school always help the students for acquiring knowledge .There is a well equipped Science Laboratory for the students practice. An Attractive Garden in the center of the school, which students use in their free periods and feel nearness to the nature. Computer room is maintained very well. The students impart different skills with new methods and techniques .

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