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Sarthi- A complete integrated IT Solutions, Telematic Solution (Vehicle Tracking Solutions), Electronic Security Solution for our customers. At Sarthi Systems, we are committed to matching your business with the most effective vehicle tracking system. From pure satellite to cellular solutions, we will help you find the plan that improves your business and profits. You can and increase cash flow right away with this technology!

Sarthi is a complete IT solutions provider and one of the largest providers of software development in India. We offer offshore web and software application development, online marketing and web design solutions that help small and medium-scale businesses to perform, profit, and grow….

We can grow your business by helping businesses gain competitive advantage from cost-efficient and effective web solutions. We have been serving businesses representing diverse industry verticals with quality solutions and services as a world class software development company.


We all spend millions of rupees in building our homes, and making them as safe as possible, so we could provide a very protective environment to us and our loved ones. As we get out of our houses for work, school or any other reason, our brain starts working extra hard to ensure we are enough safe.

Now, Sarthi Systems introduces customized Electronic Security Solutions. Sarthi is one of its kinds that safeguard your premises, where you can choose from a wide range of Access control, Surveillance, Intercom (Multi Apartment Solution), EPBAX and integrated systems.


This is one of the reasons which forced us to think hard for a solution to ensure the safety of our children as they leave from school and start a journey which by no means is easy. This journey from school to home is very tough, especially for these little ones, as no one has any clue what goes on during this time with our children. The traffic in India is horrible, we all know that and it does not need any certification. The school authorities do not hold any responsibility once the children step out of their premises. I started thinking hard to find out a solution for this very serious safety issue.

Our Telematic solutions will help state, city transit operators, truck and bus fleet operators, schools, colleges and construction companies equally. Our services are not limited to offering just a simple GPS tracking of your asset, but also to help you reduce your overall operational expenses and improving your company’s bottom-line.

The technology of vehicle Telematic systems(GPS based Vehicle Tracking) is getting the best of both worlds – Sarthi is willing to spend on advanced products for better efficiency, and consumers are looking for the easiest way to integrate all their gadgets.


Return on Investment: With Sarthi Systems vehicle tracking devices and software, you can manage your vehicles, employees, inventory and overall business operations at a lower cost. When you have access to the status of your vehicles and staff at all times, including where they are, at what speed they are driving, and even how long the vehicles remain idle, you can better monitor your company assets and start seeing a high return on investment right away.

  • With real-time updates on the locations of your entire fleet, you can determine the closest vehicles to certain destinations and serve more customers in less time.
  • Keep track of the performance and activity of your vehicles, and reduce costs associated with fuel and everyday wear and tear.
  • Know what your employees are doing at all times, and minimize unnecessary overtime and unauthorized use of company vehicles and equipment.
  • With improved fleet management, you can use fewer resources to do equal or more work.

Service Commitment: When you call Sarthi Systems, you can be sure to receive superior service and products that are proven to work. With live, real-time support from caring staff, you can find a GPS vehicle tracking solution that matches your business needs and goals, improving management of overall business operations and increasing profits.

  • Save time and money by dealing with Sarthi Systems directly – no dealers or distributors involved.
  • Our hardware are manufactured to strict specifications and tolerances and fully tested to ensure quality before you receive them.
  • We developed our own powerful Web-based vehicle tracking application. Our software engineers continue to improve and enhance its capabilities as today’s technology evolves including a lot expansion.
  • Live demos help you better understand your tracking devices, and live training sessions ensure there are no issues with your tracking system.

Few more features:

  • Easily access your fleet information - anywhere, anytime.
  • No software to install or maintain with our web based application.
  • More than a dozen reports that can be generated on demand or scheduled for future delivery.
  • Over three dozen user-defined alerts that can be sent via email and/or cell phones.
  • Review and analyze historical data to improve fleet utilization.


  • Increase fleet efficiency by monitoring idle time and driving habits.
  • Eliminate "out-of-route" trips.
  • Eliminate unauthorized, after-hour vehicle usage.
  • Decrease fleet maintenance cost.
  • Improve customer service.
  • 24X7 access to your fleet information.
  • Many more…………….


Call Sarthi Systems and start managing a better business today!

You can highly recommend this system and would glad to make this endorsement, Let the pleasure be Sarthi’s to serve you……………

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SP-1, Malviya Industrial Area, Apex Circle Malviya Nagar,,Jaipur
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