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Alpipe Computer Service Pvt.ltd

Khetri Mode
City : Neem Ka Thana
District : Sikar
Phone : 01574231603
Details :

Alpipe Computer Service Pvt.ltd Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1992 to provide TOTAL SOLUTION IN CAD/CAM/CAE, GRAPHIC ARTS AND PRINT, PUBLISHING & COLOR MANAGEMENT areas. The company is managed by engineering professionals who have vast industry experience. Currently we have a strong technical manpower of over 105, and the team is young and flexible which can very easily adapt to dynamic market situations. We are based out of Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, and our office is situated in the heart of the city. We have about 14,000 sq. ft. of area with state-of-the-art I.T. and communication infrastructure. Strengths and Value Proposition We provide CAD/CAM/CAE and Graphic Imaging product sales and support, Engineering Services and Training Services to our customers in the Manufacturing, Automotive & Aerospace, Architecture & Civil Engineering, Pre-press & Graphics and Education industries. We not only sell the products, but also train our customers on these products. In addition, we also use these products to provide Engineering Services. Our ability to support our customers is greatly enhanced by this "synergistic" model. Due to this highly synergistic operations, we are able to offer our customers total CAD/CAM/CAE solution. Over the years, from a pure CAD/CAM/CAE arena, we have successfully added Graphics and Digital Imaging & Printing as two other verticals. Our close relationship with world leaders such as HP, Autodesk, PTC, Altair, Adobe, Onyx and Microsoft offers an extremely attractive value proposition to our customers. Our training and engineering services divisions have complimented our product sales effort

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