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Behind Tehsil Nawalgarh
City : Sikar
District : Sikar
Phone : 015794224377
Details :

GYAN VIHAR GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS Gyan Vihar Public School Shiksha Samiti established in 1996 by Jarasandh Jakhar(Retired Principal) to promote educational and philanthropic institutions, has promoted New Gyan Vihar Public Sr. Sec. School(1996). Gyan Vihar degree College (2007), Gyan Vihar College of Management & Information Technology (2009) & Gyan Vihar Polytechnic College(2009). The management and governing body consist of eminent personalities having reach experience in entrepreneurship, engineering profession, information technology & management. Gyan Vihar College of Polytechnic, Nawalgarh was established in the year 2009 with an aim to provide quality education in the engineering so as to show the budding citizens way to success, the college provides an environments where the young engineers can show their true potential and become more dedicated towards their objectives. Our Mission To achieve eminence in the fields of education to meet intellectual aspiration of students. Our Vision To provide a sound institutional environment in calculating either & values and nurturing emotional strength, healthy mind and body and resilience among students. To become an institution of excellence, which is capable of producing competent professionals who can contribute effectively to the advancement of the society. To equip students with skills, enabling them to take on their assignment role in the society. To provide the wholesome education to meet intellectual aspirations of the students. Science Lab The Gyan VIhar Group of Institutions has separate laboratories for all the subjects such as botany ,zoology, chemistry, physics, Home Science & geography with sophisticated instruments. All the labs are well equipped with ultra-modern instruments and experimental facilities. Library The institute has a huge library having a rich collection of important books, journals, magazines and updates form corporate word and government reports on management and allied disciplines. Computer Lab The institute equipped with the latest variety of computing equipments having over fifty Pentium IV computers with fifteen inch LCD for better visibility.

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